Awareness Month For IIH Which Is Related To Chiari

 SEPTEMBER is IIH/PTC AWARENESS MONTH-I was dx in Jan 2016 with IIH. After trying to get Doctors to listen to me from 2004-2016. I now have bilateral transverse sinus stents, not a shunt.  I am thankful for being allowed to share this Blog by Soulja Girl, with you all. I hope it explains what Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension is, as well as explaining what Chiari Malformation is. (It has nothing to do with high blood pressure, just in case you are wondering.) IIH/PTC and Chiari Malformation are both debilitating diseases/conditions. Many people who have one or the other, or both, experience severe headaches, vision changes, blindness, speech issues and other neuro changes. This blog is wonderful for providing awareness and information on both IIH and Chiari. 

With IIH/PTC the brain “thinks” it has a large brain tumor so it sends all the CSF it can to itself. In order for it to try to protect itself when in reality, there is not a tumor. There is no known cause of IIH/ Idiopathic-meaing unknown. And, there are limited treatment options, no cure. Some do go into a sort of remission but this is almost as rare as IIH/PTC. A person who has IIH/PTC has all the symptoms of a large brain tumor without the tumor.( insert Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “It’s not a tumor” jokes, now!)

If you made it this far, you might be wondering what this has to do with Book reviews. Am I correct? The reasons I am bringing my story up now are:

1. September is IIH/PTC awareness month.

2. I love to read and write, have since I was a child. IIH makes it more difficut for me to read a book, review it, write, and comprehen what I read or write. It also has an effect on how my brain processes speech of others, my own speech, and memory. But I try not to let it stop me. I read and write at a much slower pace now. Hope this helps someone who might be going through something similar.

Soulja Girl

5 things you can do to help someone with IIH:
1. Be supportive, be there, don’t allow my pain to scare you away.
2. Be thoughtful sometime we goes days with out eating, or bathing because we just do not have the energy- kindly make us a meal or offer to help us clean our house.
3. Do not become angry when we struggle, constant pain drains you physically and emotionally. We do our best and we become angry at our own self because we cant do what we need to by our self we don’t need your anger on top of it
4. Tell us how proud of us your are, pick us up emotionally, living inside a broken shell is not easy especially when your body wants to keep attacking you. Help us be our own hero.
5. Give us love, we need that the most, we struggle…

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Big Boat Sweepstakes!

Watching barges on the Mississpi River

Every once in awhile I post random sweepstakes, or random things I find on the interent. (This is where the bull comes into to play in my blog. I absolutely love it when I find fun things like this one.

River Travel Magazine and USA River Cruises have put together a Sweepstakes you can find here. They are calling it the Big Boat Sweepstakes! Winners will be picked April 1, 2021 7 pm CDT and awarded. The winners recieve a 7 day 8 night Mississpi River crusie on one of their large river boats. There is a glitch in the matrix, so to speak, and it is in the fine print or Offical Rules. They are posted with a Blue link at the bottom of the page. So, make sure to read the Offical Rules before you enter.

The glitch, as I am calling it, since they don’t come right out and say it is this, you have to be 21 to enter. Not listed when you are taken to the Enter to win page. The other one is, depending on where you reside in the world, you are not able to enter. The list is a little longer than I expected. But, I get it, they have to CYA with everything going on in the world right now. For those of us entering, as with anything these days, it is best to read the Offical Rules or fine print before entering anything.

I live near Old Man River now. In fact, I can see it if I step outside. I grew up learning to drive a boat, learning what fish were in its depths, what a wing-dam is/how to spot it/what it could do to a boat, what the channel is/how to stay in it or out of it, what a lock and dam is, how to watch for jerks in yachts going way to fast, (I was bounced almost clean out of an old Tri Hull once, because a yacht wasn’t paying any heed to the “rules” of the river. Damn did that hurt) and I learned what barges were and how to look for Eagles, on the Great Mississipi River. It was a great expericene as a child.

I think this is a sweet sweeptsakes. To answer your question, yes, I entered. And, No, I don’t get any cool stuff for writing this post. Except, I might get an extra entry for the link above…uh?..Wait!.hummm, I will have to go back to the Offical Rules and read them again.

If you never experienced the grand scale and sights Old Man River has to offer, this may be a chance to experience it. If you, like me, live in one area near the River and want to see other areas, this may be a good way to experience other areas as well. If you don’t give a damn…move on down or up the river. It will take you any place you want to go, well…almost.

Thanks for stopping by, at least. I hope to have a new book review soon and maybe a shenanigan or two to tell about in my next post. I will leave the coffee pot on for ya. ~T

Scribbler Writer’s box subscription!

Let’s face it there are a ton of box subscriptions on the market right now. One can get a box subscription for just about anything from makeup to clothing to art to just for men boxes to  crocheting.

My experience in the sub box world is limited. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I prefer to pick my own clothing, I am single, and I do not crochet, just to name a few things I do not do.

However,  I have had subscriptions to a few companies. My favorites so far are 1.) The Art subscription box, Sketchbox, which I enjoyed immensely. 2.) Scribbler, the writer’s box featured in the photo above.

I enjoy Scribbler due to their message, the history behind the company, and of course,  the content each month. The box shown is the 1st box since Scribbler stopped shipping boxes in April due to Covid-19. Subs only missed one box, not bad in my opinion and it gets tacked on to the end of the subscription so no one loses a box.

Each month a writing prompt or contest is sent, a book(sometimes two books) from a featured author, an actual meet the Author video  invitation including date and time,a snack, possibly a candle and tons of information about how to get published, how to develop characters, changing genres to working on themes,( this month’s theme, 😁) and more. If you like writing, reading and subscription boxes Scribbler might be the one for you. It is reasonable priced as well.

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor did I receive any benefits from Scribbler to write this.