Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life….

This morning I was greeted by the chill of fall! I threw back the covers and ran to the window. Cool to the touch. I pushed open the window and took a deep breath. Sigh. I then proceeded to run around the house and open every window that I could get open. Welcome FALL.

As I stood there at the window looking out into the back yard, I started thinking about all the wonderful things I could do today…Like mow,laundry,shopping,clean the kitchen. Then I shook my head to clear it. “Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life!”

Today is the 1st Monday since I quit my job! I worked for 5 months as a staffing coordinator. It has probably been the hardest, most stressful job I have ever done. I wish I could tell you about the people I worked for. But since this is the internet, I will let that go for another time.  I have learned in the last 5 months that money is not everything. If you are unhappy, crying everyday and your BP is up, then it is time to look for something else.

So dear readers, today is the 1st day of the rest of my life! I pledge to myself that I will work on my book, and continue to write on this blog. Even if there is not a soul who reads it. I pledge to spend more time with my family and less time worrying. I pledge to be happy…..


New boots!

Yesterday was the almost perfect day for riding. My husband and I woke up early and decide to call one of our riding buddies. We left the house around 8 or so. Met up to have breakfast and off we went.  I opted to ride behind my husband. This way I could enjoy the ride. We ended up taking some scenic back roads. (in texas it is not hard to find, almost everything is a back road!) As we rolled into Glen Rose, I noticed that my feet we getting a little hot. Something that I forget every time I climb onto the back of his Ultra. It did not matter where I put my feet at on the floor boards. They were still hot. This of course cut into my concentration on the scenes flashing before me as we rolled by.

So when we stopped for a little break in Glen Rose, I asked if we could make a small detour to Hico,tx to visit the leather shop. We rolled on into hico and stopped at Cody’s leather shop. We have been coming to this leather shop, for the last 5 yrs or so. Each time we make the trip I end up looking at the small section of boots they have for sale. Last time I bought any boots from here was about 2-3 yrs ago. I still have them.

I love shoes of all types. But since I have grown a little older, I tend to buy shoes that have a purpose. I mean, can you see me wearing 3 inch platform heals on a motorcycle? In your dreams, maybe!  I already have two pairs of motorcycle boots. One pair I have had for almost 7yrs. I love them to death. My husband calls them “gimp boots” They are quite clunky, and very uncomfortable to walk in. But Bikers don’t walk. We ride right? They are so worn now that the zippers are coming apart from the leather. I still wear them at times.

My other pair are just plain lace up boots, with a buckle over the top of the to keep the laces tucked in. They are Harley boots also and we got them on sale at the leather shop in hico.

As I browsed the small but nice selection of boots, I came across the ones pictured above. The only sizes they had were 5, and 7. I usually go for a 7.5-8 due to my feet swell a little in the texas heat. And I like to move my feet around a little in my boots while I am riding. Keeps them from falling asleep.

The boots pictured above are Harley Davidson Terri’s. They have a small heel, a zipper on the inner side, so you don’t have to undo the laces every time you take them off. They also have laces up to the shin and a nice buckle for looks. They are made of very soft leather and are extremely lightweight. I tried them on and fell in love with the immediately. They feet perfect! They did not feel stiff, like most boots do when you 1st put them on. They also make my feet look smaller, which is a bonus!!! I put them on and walked around the store with them. The price was $108.00 out the door. A little pricy. But I believe they will be well worth it.

I climbed on the back of the ultra and we headed for home. My feet never felt hot. These boots were so comfortable. I did not want to take them off. I can’t wait for an all day ride somewhere so I can test them out. The real test will be when I am the rider and not the passenger.

Until next time,

Follow your dreams,


It’s 7:00am and I don’t wanta go…

Wow, look at the time! Its 7am and I don’t wanna go to work. As a staffing Coordinator for a LTAC-which is long-term care center for those of you who don’t work in the medical field., people call me all the time. 24/5 and sometimes even on the weekend. This morning I have had call-ins already and it is not even 7:30 yet. I know that people get sick, kids get sick natural disasters happen. In the last 5 months I think I have heard every excuses in the book for not coming to work. Heck i have even had to call in a few times due to family emergencies. I usually go in with gusto and work the shift or find someone to work the shifts that need to be covered. But today my gusto has blown away.

Call me what you will, but I am just excused out. I mean, my phone has been ringing off the hook since about 5pm last night. I had the day off yesterday-well wait, let me rephrase that. I did not go in to the facility yesterday. I should have, mind you, since I spent most of the day on the phone trying to find coverage for the shifts that people called in yesterday morning. The reason I did not go in yesterday was I worked 17 hours the day before and was dog tired. I did try to go to bed at a decent time around 10pm. My phone rang at midnight, then at 2am, then again at 3am and again at 5. So I have not had much sleep.

I have been a nurse for 9 yrs. I have worked in various departments/areas in the last 9 yrs. I don’t think I have ever had this much fatigue until I started working where I am working now. In the last 5 months, I think I have gotten less sleep than I did when my daughter was 1st born. Whoever said being a nurse was loads of fun, lied out their ass! I am not sure what the burn out rate is for those that share my profession/position. But I am pretty sure that is high.

I have turned in my two weeks notice. My last day will be next friday. I am sad to be changing jobs again. I really had hoped that this one would be the “one” if you know what I mean. No such luck. I am not scared of a little hard work mind you. Or even a lot of hard work as long as there is light at the end of the tunnel. But in this case, the tunnel is long and dark with no sign of light. My head hurts, my feet hurt and my stomach is upset. Ya know when your job starts effecting your health, its time to look elsewhere.

Some would say, call in, don’t go, etc.etc. But as much as my body is telling me that I need to stay home and rest and my mind is telling me that I will prob work 16+ hours today…my heart will not let me stay home.  For one thing, my word is my bond, so to speak! I made a commitment to work for two more weeks. And I will feel guilty if I do not complete the agreement. And no one can guilt me like I can! I was raised on guilt. I ate it for breakfast everyday! Plus,I need the money.

So I will finish my coffee and my cig and hurry to take a shower put my big girl panties on and deal with it.

Until next time,


Where will all the books go?

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and look at the past. With this thought in mind, I am posting a blog post from when this blog first started. (You know, in case you missed it.) It pretty much sums up my thoughts for today.  Yes, I am posting it with all of it’s mistakes, as well. ~ 07/07/15

 “Do you know why books such as this are so important? Because they have quality. And what does the word quality mean? To me it means texture. This book has pores”. ~Ray Bradbury

OK, I was sitting in my living room reading the “new” old book the pillars of the earth when I started thinking about a conversation I had with my husband a few days back. He wanted to know if I would like him to order me a Nook. He knows how much I enjoy reading. I sat there for a min or two thinking about what to say. At 1st I was a little upset. I was not upset that he wanted to give me a gift, mind you. NO. I was upset that the gift he wanted to give me was an e-reader or whatever those that are tech-savy call it. I  am not as tech-savy as my husband who is up to date on most of the new gadgets. You see, he works with computers all day long. He keeps up on stuff like that.

I know what you are thinking. “Why would you be upset with your husband for that?” you ask. Well the answer is simple for me. I enjoy the smell of the paper, glue, ink and binding that comes from a new book. I love the musty smell of an old book that I find in used book stores. I enjoy the feel of the book in my hands, the weight of it. Whenever I get a new book, it feels like christmas! Using a e-reader somehow feels like cheating to me. Stealing. When you use the reader you are buying the author’s work for less than what you would pay for the real thing. I believe in paying people for their work. thanks why I don’t flinch when I shell out 20 bucks or so for a new Stephen King book. I believe it is worth that for a chance to read his craft on paper

The other questions that I have regarding e-books is this. Where will all the books go? Once we have shifted over the line from tangible things to the open space of the internet, what happens? Will only collectors be able to buy real books? Will the price of paper books continue to go up so that mainstream people like you and me will be unable to afford them.  What will happen if there is some kind of disaster that the web goes down? Or another World war? Where will our history be? How will others know that we even existed if all of our records are kept in the wide space of the internet?

Now I am not knocking the internet. I mean if it weren’t for the internet, I would not be writing this blog for you today. But the effort of writing and reading on paper will eventually  fade away. We are already a “throw away society”. We throw away more trash than any other country, except maybe china.  Are we now throwing away books just because we can. It reminds me of the quote from Jurassic Park by  Dr. Ian Malcolm:

Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

This also lead me to think about the book by Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451.  The book is about Guy Montag, a fireman, in the future. Who burns books instead of putting out fires. The characters in Mr. Bradbury’s book drive too fast, watch a butt load of TV on large wall sized screens, don’t have meaningful conversations with each other and don’t like nature. (sound familiar?) In the book, Guy, is shocked to find an old women with a lot of banned books who preferred to die by burning to death, than give up her books. (I can see that happening to me.) Guy eventually rebels at this society he has help create and finds himself in a heap of trouble over it. He leaves all that he knows and hooks up with a group of rebels called “The book people”. They move on and search the city for survivors and try to build a new civilization. Mr. Bradbury’s book written in 1950 parallels our society as we are now. It is almost as if he is warning us of our future if we don’t stop to ask the question “if we should”.

So, dear readers, I will keep my books. I will hoard them away for a rainy day. I will store them close. I will keep them dear. I will burn for them.

It’s perpetual motion; the thing man wanted to invent but never did. . . . It’s a mystery. . . . Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences . . . clean, quick, sure; nothing to rot later. Antibiotic, aesthetic, practical

Until next time,

Follow your dreams,


The Pillars of the Earth

As I was walking past the small book section at my local Albertsons, I came across the book by Ken Follett, The Pillars of the Earth. I cross checked the small storage bank in my crowed mind, and was unable to find it listed there. Humm, I thought as I lifted the book off the rack. Interesting.

I guess I have been out of the loop lately. This book appears to have been hitting mainstream readers with a loud bang! And yet, here I sit with book in hand, unable to remember if I have ever seen it before.

Starz has even made a miniseries out of it. Why then have I not noticed it before now? I have always prided myself on being up to date on the “new” books out there. Even if I have never read them.  I am totally in love with the historical fiction novels like Gods:The Emperor of war, by Conn Iggulden. In fact, anything that has to do with Gaius Julius Caesar, the roman empire, Queen Elizabeth I or anything remotely relating to Gothic cathedrals, the 12th century, blood and lust I am in for the ride.  Ken Follett’s book is not a “new” book by any means. According to  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Pillars of Earth was written in 1989.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it.

The Pillars of the Earth is a historical novel by Ken Follett published in 1989 about the building of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, England. It is set in the middle of the twelfth century, primarily during the time sometimes called the Anarchy, between the time of the sinking of the White Ship and the murder of Thomas Becket. The book traces the development of Gothic architecture out of the preceding Romanesque architecture and the fortunes of the Kingsbridge priory against the backdrop of actual historical events of the time.

Before this novel was published, Follett was known for writing in the thriller genre. The Pillars of the Earth became his best-selling work. The book was listed at no. 33 on the BBC’s Big Read, a 2003 survey with the goal of finding the “nation’s best-loved book.” The book was also selected for Oprah’s Book Club in 2007. A sequel, entitled World Without End, was released in October 2007

After reading this and the back cover, you can see that this book is right up my alleyway! I am not sure why I have never read it before. Could it be that I looked at the cover and never thought it would be that interesting? Could it be that I simply never have seen it before? Whatever the reason may be, I am definitely interested now. I hope you will stay tuned for my adventure with this 1007 page book. More is sure to come…

Until then, Remember

It is never too late to follow your dreams



What a way to start the day.

Phone rings at 6am with two call ins….so I pull myself out of bed(hey, I don’t have to be there until 8am!) go make a little coffee and start the process of trying to get people to work. I checked my bp this morning. It is 187/115. Ah! I think I need to go to the Doctor!  It was up last night too! I was hoping that it would have gone down by now, but alas, no luck. So I will be heading to the good ol family practice Dr this morning after I finish looking for people to come in.

Hello world!

Hello World~

Welcome to my little corner of the world!  I am new to the blogging world, so please, be patient with me! Since this is my 1st attempt at a blog, I feel I should start out with a little bio. I am in my thirties, married, the mother on one 13 yr old girl going on 20!. I have been a nurse for 9 years. In fact, I just passed the 9th year milestone on Aug 30th 2010. Go me! (A little self praise never hurt, right?)

I spend most of my time when I am not working, reading, writing and riding motorcycles with my family. I volunteer for a organization that helps abused children not feel scared of the world in which they live. This is almost like having a second job!  I am currently working on my 1st book! I have around 110 pages completed! This is something that I have wanted to do since childhood. I hope to have it completed by christmas!  I am sure that I will be blogging away as I struggle through the small bump in the road facing me right now. Writer’s block! At this point in the game sometimes it feels like a huge crater instead of a little bump in the road.

I am currently in the process of looking for a new job. As the one I have now I just turned in my two weeks notice. Nothing like a little change to shake up things!  Thank you for stopping by today and reading my little bio. I hope to bring you more interesting thoughts than the one above soon.

Until then,

never stop believing in your dreams