The Forever 27 Club

On June 23 2011, Amy Winehouse, a British singer known for her drugs and drinking problems, was found dead at the age of 27. The cause of death- suicide.
The web is blazing with headlines regarding her death and admittance into the Forever 27 Club. This “Club” includes names of people like Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and now Amy Winehouse. Each artist died at the age of 27.

Amy Winehouse was known for her soulful, bluesy voice and her erratic behavior. She wrote a song about not going to Rehab. She had recently gotten out of rehab for her drinking and drug addiction in May 2011 where she stayed a week.(

In June of 2011, during her European tour in Belgrade, she was so drunk that she was unable to remember the lyrics of the songs. She was booed off stage. It seemed as Amy Winehouse was following in the footsteps of the other great legends that died. Could it be that she planned the suicide? There has been some talk that possibly she planned her death at age 27 to gain the notoriety that goes with the Forever 27 Club.

Why would someone so talented chose to end their live? This is the question I ask myself when I hear about a young aritist who has comitted suicide. What was so wrong in their live that warrants this type of ending? It amazes me when I see the headlines about another actor or artist’s death by suicide. Even though I believe that it is your right to how you end your life, I am still saddened to hear that someone so young and talented was so sad and depressed. I have read and seen the reports that fame is tough. Always being in the spot light and being criticized is reported to be hard on many of the actors/artists. (I won’t know.) I have heard arguments that actors/artist cannot produce their art, music and writing without the drugs or alcohol. That somehow the drugs and alcohol bring out the creativities in a person. Stephen King wrote about it in his autobiographical instruction manual called *On Writing*. He wrote about how when he stopped with the drugs and drinking; he was worried that he would not be able to write. That somehow his muse had left him when he left the drugs. He proved that theory wrong or did he? He did some of his best work while under the influence of large amounts of drugs. His newer books lack something.They are more thought provoking than gore and guts. I am not saying that they are horrible works. They are just different.

Many of the above artists were heavily into drugs and alcohol at the time of their deaths. Many were also huge record selling artists. It is a shame that they all died so young. We will never get a chance to see them grow old with us. They are forever locked in time. Their music stays the age of 27, while we grow old. The fact that they did died at such a young age has been part of the reason they have been held in such high regard. The tragic story of a depressed hero/heroine pulls us to them. Amy Winehouse will be known forever now that she has become part of the 27 club. Whether she did it to gain notoriety or not, we will never know. R.I.P. Amy Winehouse, R.I.P.